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UE Webinar videos where students interact with different professionals and learn from their experience

College options – What after 10th?

A list of PUC, ITI and Diploma Colleges in

College Ranking

NIRF is a Government of India approved ranking of the top colleges in India.

Career Counselling Helplines

Vidya Helpline Career Guidance helpline is an authentic and complete information to students on careers, courses, vocational and job oriented courses, open education, scholarships etc

Free Courses

Online Learning Platforms offered by the Government with Free courses and certifications

Skill Development Resources

NSDC promotes skills development and provides funding to build vocational training initiatives
E Skills India provides Industry relevant lessons on career development, digital literacy, communication, and other key skills.

Play the CAREER WHEEL game with your friend/s.

spping wheel

STEP 1: Press the SPIN Button. Which sector is being displayed? (pick first the outer circles and then go to the inner circles)

– Try and explain to your friend the different type of work that happens in this sector.
– What strengths are needed in this sector?
– And explain the educational pathways to become a professional in the sector
STEP 2: Based on your answer your friend will give you a score between 0 and 10.
STEP 3: Now it is your friend’s turn to rotate the wheel. Again, let your friend explain about the sector and educational pathways
Give her points from 1 to 10 based on her accuracy.

STEP 4: Which of the sectors interested you? What is common amongst the sectors you picked. Answer this question together.

You can also play this game with your parents and brothers/sisters at home and learn from others perspective.






spping wheel

You can also play this game with your parents and brothers/sisters at home and learn from others perspective.

Dear Student

Share your journey. How did you come in touch with United Efforts career planning curriculum? And what has your experience been with the career planning curriculum? Were you able to identify your interest and strengths and match it with a sector of choice? Have you planned your educational pathway ahead?

Your story motivates all of us at Team UE to work to the best of our abilities and be useful in your journey to becoming a valuable talent for the country.

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