“Make education work for me!

Empower us to become the future talent force of the country!”

17 crore students are working hard, overcoming socio-economic challenges to complete their schooling but confused about the next steps

Anahata UNITED EFFORTS Foundation, an NGO headquartered in Bengaluru is working to empower students from economically weaker sections to shape an Equitable India that shines through their potential.

Our journey so far…

We have learnt from over 11,000+ students to develop 21st century skills based STEAM*
Career Planning Curriculum that can empower students to take informed actions for their future.


able to align their interest and strengths to sectors of choice and choose optimal educational pathways





Students Testimonials


“I am in 8th class studying in a Govt High School. We migrated from Nallur, Andhra Pradesh 7 years ago. My teachers think I am very naughty and disturb the class. This year we had a new subject called Career Planning. The teacher showed us many sectors. The Information Technology sector matched my interest. I am good in Math and like doing math puzzles. If I study well I can get a good job in the IT companies.


“I am a 9th class student studying in Govt High School. We are from Raichur. My father has married again and has stopped supporting us. However, I know through our Career Planning classes that I do not have to have a future like my mother. I am interested in the sciences and want to have a career in the healthcare sector. There are also scholarships available. I will convince my mother not to get me married, so I can better the future of my family.


“I am in 8th class studying in Govt High School. My mother is a tailor and encourages me to study well. I have been attending UE classes. One day, sir told us about Textile and Fashion sector. It was very interesting. When Sir took us to Apparel Training and Design Center, I took my mothers permission and went for the visit. I am very interested in Textile engineering and want to follow this line.


“I am a 8th class student in a govt high school. I keep writing stories and I know I want to become a script writer. I did not understand why I should study math and science and social when I actually want to be a script writer. One day in UE class, Sir started presenting Media and Entertainment sector and about pre-production, production and post production. I was so happy to learn about the sector in a professional way and learnt of the educational pathways to my dream career.

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