Our theory of change is

“I Build Me”

We Empower and Equip students to be the Architects of their Future through

21st century skills enabled
STEAM* Career Planning Curriculum

for 8th, 9th and 10th class students.

The most important aspect of this curriculum is that students are equipped to take the driver’s seat of their future and power it with their determination and skills.

*STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math

The 2 pillars of the “I Build Me” Career Planning Curriculum are:

Pillar 1 – Industry Exposure

Through classes 8th and 9th students explore 18 different sectors and understand the breadth of opportunities available to them.

One period a week is set apart for classes 8th and 9th through the academic years to explore the world of opportunities connecting it to their subjects and strengths

The 2 career activity workbooks designed for this pillar are:

Pillar 2 – Agency building through Problem Solving & Planning Skills

Having explored the world of opportunities, students in Class 10 th work towards developing their Career Plans A and B by practically applying 21st century skills.

They acknowledge the numerous socio-economic problems that might deter them from their career plans and apply their problem solving skills to the same.

In this process they build their agency to face challenges and give shape to their career plans.

Their companion in this journey is the My Future My Plans workbook:


Our Journey


  • Pilot launched in 4 high schools 
  • 400 students impacted


  • My career workbook (first 9 sectors) V1 launched
  • My Future My Plans workbook V1 launched
  • 3000 students impacted


  • My Career workbook (second 9 sectors) V1 launched


  • Pilots in 7 states with partner organizations
  • 6800 students impacted



  • My career workbook (first 9 sectors) V2 launched.
  • 8000+ students impacted


  • Project Powering STARRS with Karnataka Residential Schools Department.
  • Impacting – 1.2+ lakh students.

My Career Workbook 1

The sectors explored in this workbook through simple activities are:

Information Technology sector

Vocational Skill sector
BPO sector

Food & Agriculture sector

Social Work sector
Textiles & Fashion sector
Civil Services sector

Media & Entertainment sector

Automobile sector

My Career Workbook 2

The sectors explored in this workbook through simple activities are:

Armed Forces

BFSI* sector
Construction sector
Healthcare sector
Education sector
Hospitality sector

Indian Police

Sports sector

Indian Law

*BFSI = Banking, Financial Services, Insurance

My Future My Plans

Topics covered in this workbook to build agency in the students to become the future talent force of the country are:

Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking
Self confidence


Overcoming Weakness & threats
I Can I Will
Career Plan A

Career Plan B